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This article discusses Write.as and WriteFreely. It also shows you links to their guide pages.


Write.as is a company founded in 2015. It provides platforms to publish contents in Internet, including its flagship product, Write.as, the same name application as the company. You can host your site with either Free or Pro account. The service is powered by its core applications and WriteFreely.


WriteFreely is an open source static site generator, developed at GitHub by Write.as company. It is one of the core applications used on Write.as product. It is possible to run WriteFreely on your server. This case you are expected to manage everything by yourself. You can also create your site on public instances listed here.

Though almost all of the functions are common between Write.as and WriteFreely, one of the main differences between Write.as Pro and WriteFreely is that you have to find places where you upload images by yourself, as WriteFreely does not include an image uploader or an image management application.


Write.as Pro users can upload photos to Snap.as. Unlike free services such as imgur, Snap.as is developed by us and funded by you — which means your photos will have a lasting, ad-free home on the web

This should not be a big problem if you host your WriteFreely on a server as you just can upload images to it. You would have to use a FTP client or scp / rsync via SSH to upload them. Uploading to Amazon S3 or Tardigrade should work too.

There are other differences such as Email subscription, publishing via Email, cross-posting with Twitter, etc. Please check this page to see what you can get on Write.as Pro account and what you cannot on either Write.as Free account or your WriteFreely instance.

Installation guides:

If you are willing to host a WriteFreely instance with SSL support, I would recommend you to have a look at the latter instruction. Some of the commands seem outdated, so please check the latest information.

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